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People Are Talking About Us

"Once you have ESA working for you, you'll never be without it. I am able to receive calls worldwide. I can return calls, forward messages or faxes anywhere in the world with great ease, while running between airplanes or appointments. ESA can even read my faxes to me if I don't have a fax machine available. I also save a substantial amount of money by eliminating phone cards, and I can even make money by recommending ESA to others."
-Andre Cunningham, Corporate Executive and Traveling Professional


"ESA gives me true Conference Calling 'On the Fly.' While cruising down the freeway at 60 mph, ESA let me put together a conference call with callers in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle. I successfully completed a 25 minute conference call from the comfort of my car while traveling between appointments, and ESA's low conference calling rates save me a lot of money."
-Luke Lukrofka, Business Executive


"ESA gives me an e-mail address that I can use without a computer. When people send me e-mails, I can check them, right along with calls and faxes over the phone. ESA reads my e-mail and lets me reply returning my e-mail with a recording of my own voice attached to the e-mail."
-Tim McKyer, NFL Defensive Back


"ESA shines in its multi-caller features. It's about as easy to use as a system this robust can be. ESA is a complete personal assistance type of system. The one-number follow-me stuff is just a small part of the whole package."
-Computer Telephony's West Coast Labs


"I use the "Fax On Demand" system as a fax filing cabinet. I no longer carry hundreds of papers in my attaché case. Instead, all those documents are saved in ESA and I download them as needed to any fax machine in the world! I also use the ESA "remind me memo" feature to notify me whenever an anniversary or birthday arrives.
-User Testimonial, Traveling Business Professional


"While vacationing in Hawaii, I needed to stay in touch with important clients back home. With ESA's assistance, I was able to transform my hotel room into my 'virtual office,' and ESA directed all of my communications to where I was in Hawaii. And ESA also screened my calls accepting only urgent calls and taking messages from everyone else, so I was able to stay totally accessible and still enjoy my vacation."
-Darrell Mitsunaga, Attorney


"I'm in sales in a very competitive field. In order to stay one step ahead I use my voice and fax mail broadcasting to get monthly promotions to all of my clients. By utilizing ESA, I had a 25 percent increase in sales in one month. It normally would take me days to get the information to my client base. ESA can accomplish this in minutes."
-Mary Key Minifie, Sales Rep


"I was starting my own business while I was working a full time job at a factory. Since I was unable to use a phone during the day, ESA allows my callers to hear pre-recorded message about my products. ESA would fax order forms and information sheets through the fax on demand system. ESA also took messages and provided me with an e-mail address. At night, when I arrived home, I used my computer to get all my messages, faxes and e-mail for free. ESA also provided me with a report of every phone number that called during the day and what product information the caller requested. I use these reports as my "lead list" and contact them the next day during my lunch hour."
-User Testimonial, Small Business Owner


"With the power of ESA I was able to duplicate myself, where I could be face to face with one client while another client could receive information through my ESA Fax On Demand or Voice Forums (recorded information boxes). Being a small business owner I wear many hats. I'm able to run errands and feel confident that ESA will handle all of my incoming inquiries and store incoming orders."
-Steve Jacobs, Small Business Owner


"While in a hurricane crisis, an ESA subscriber on the East Coast was able to stay in contact with family members through ESA. Although communicating within that region was virtually impossible due to the damage and extremely high volume of calls, the family was able to stay in close communication--thanks to ESA. they were able to leave messages and retrieve messages to and from other family members. ESA provided them with total peace of mind knowing that everyone was okay."
-ESA User Testimonial, South Carolina


"ESA is a great product that everyone wants, and I use it to generate additional revenue for my family and business. As a communication tool, my kids only have to remember ONE phone number to reach me, regardless of where I am anywhere in the world. So ESA has given me the freedom to do what I need to, WHEN I need to do it, and peace of mind knowing that all my important calls will always reach me. It has improved the quality of my life in many ways."
-John Suzuki, Entrepreneur and Family Man


"The biggest use of ESA from the "Personal & Family" side is the ability for family and friends to bypass the business customers and get directly to me 24 hours a day. Others can be sent to voice mail (while I work on that important contract in a hotel room), but my wife, children and those who need me, always have a way to reach me when I'm an ESA subscriber!
-User Testimonial, Family Man


"I'm a traveling professional and I use the "Audio on Demand" system as a personal messaging center for my family while I'm traveling. My loved ones call my ESA office and enter a code number given only to them. Then they hear a message about my whereabouts and when I'll be able to call them next. I also uses ESA's electronic phonebook to store all of the phone numbers and addresses of my family and friends, so I can send post cards while traveling.
-User Testimonial, Traveling Professional Woman


"Our corporation uses  ESA  as a medical emergency "Hot Line". Throughout the USA groups of students go on field trips (many times to rural areas). Should an individual become injured or ill on an outing,  a call is made to our ESA Hot Line number. ESA then connects the call to the person on duty. Should the individual on duty already be dealing with another important matter, ESA provides a way for the caller to connect to a back up person. If for some reason the caller hangs up or losses connection with the person on duty, our corporation uses ESA's telephone number capturing feature to identify where the call originated from. Also, ESA automatically, switches by the time of the day and the day of the week to the correct individual on duty. It should be noted that our individuals on duty are scattered throughout the USA and all the programming of ESA is done via the Internet, months in advance.
-Medical Emergency "Hot Line" Corporation