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Business Card
        With Out ESA

Before ESA

In the business world it is quite common to see a persons business card with several phone numbers for all the services they use to keep their business going.

The problem is, it becomes difficult for anyone to stay up to date with all the phone numbers people may use.

What happens when you change services, location, or receive a new service? Phone numbers change again, and the business card is due for an upgrade.

People don't need more complications!

Today, you don't need to have this problem anymore...


Business Card
        With ESA

After ESA

As see you can see from the business card above, there is only ONE telephone number. Mr. John Smith now uses ESA for his home, office, mobile, fax, pager, info line, and voice mail!

This is more than just a one number solution for any ESA subscriber. ESA becomes your electronic secretary saving files, assisting you with out-going calls, even handles a phone book, and remind me memos. ESA will read your e-mail and faxes to you when you have to get them, or you are away from a computer or fax machine.

Try finding a personal assistant like ESA that works for a few dollars a day!

Today, ESA has become the ultimate communications solution for everyone...